Concerto for Trees - Bronzed finish
Concerto For Two Trees 8" x 13" (Bronze Finish)
- from Recent Work

Celtic Tree of Life
Celtic Tree of Life, 5" x 8"

Studio Visits and Contact Information

Visitors are welcome for studio visits with absolutely no obligation. The studio is conveniently located in the Sandy Hill area of Ottawa.

To make an appointment please call:
( 613) 237-3767 or e-mail

All photos and artwork property of Rosemary Scragg, Ottawa, Canada

NOTE: Orders may be taken on any works shown
spaceRosemary's fine art plaster wall pieces are cast from molds designed and hand crafted in her Ottawa studio..
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Angel with wood type finish

Flying Angel "Wood Type Finish", 14" x 18" - from Bas Reliefs Collection

Vintage Moose Stamp
Vintage Moose Stamp, 8" x 9"

Bunnies 1400s
Bunnies 1400s (Miniature)
Shakespeare: There is a Willow Grows Aslant a Brook, 9" x 11"