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U of O alumnus organizes fundraising art event for mental health
06 Aug 2015 By Janoah Willsie

Photo credit Rosemary Scragg

15th annual mental health event transforms park into art exhibit

Strathcona Park will be transformed by the Mental Illness Caregivers Association of Canada (MICA) into an art and artisanal exhibition on Aug. 8, featuring the work of over 70 artisans, from local honey producers to painters.

The event, which is in its 15th year will include a barbeque and a silent auction, with proceeds going towards programs MICA runs for those experiencing mental illness.

Rosemary Scragg, a University of Ottawa alumnus, started the event while volunteering with the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario (SSO) after a close friend committed suicide. The Society was looking for fundraising ideas and, as an artist herself, Scragg came up with the art in the park event.

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Interview with Regional Contact
March 27, 2004 Rosemary was the featured artist on CJOH's RegionalContact
Modelling Clay -->
<---Pouring Mold
Removing Cast from Mould -->
<---- Tin House freshly removed from Mold
Tin House after Completion --->
<---- Cathy Donovan and artist infront of Tin House
Celtic Horse with insert of Linsmore Cozier (inspiration for the piece) --->
<----Photographing the original Sussex Angel (Ottawa)
Completed Sussex Angel ---->
<----Artist in Studio
Artist in Studio--->
Assorted featured pieces

First broadcast March 27th, 2004
This photo array depicts the creation of Bas Relief Icons