Many people have asked about 'my process' so I have included the following photos by way of explanation!

<----"Acropolis" Preliminary stage: The image is modeled out of polymer clay.
"Acropolis" The finished model ---->
<---- A containment field is built around the clay model and a rubber solution is poured into it.
The impression left in the cured rubber is now the mold and is ready to have plaster poured into it. When dry, the plaster casting is painted and becomes my finished product. The piece shown here is entitled "Tristan and Isolde" and can be viewed in Bas Reliefs section.---->
<---- "Archangel Michael" The clay is modeled, leaving space for stained glass inclusions.
"Archangel Michael" The modeling is nearing completion. --->
<---- "Archangel Michael" The finished plaster cast, showing his stained glass breastplate and jewelled wand.
"Mermaid Angel" in the initial stage of the modeling process --->
<---- "Mermaid Angel" the modeling continues… is an intuitive process.
"Mermaid Angel" the finished plaster cast ---->